About PT. NBSA

PT. Naga Baru Sukses Abadi (PT. NBSA) is a building contractor and developer service company established in 2018 with a mission to become a nationwide professional contractor that’s trusted for its quality, speed, and efficiency. Along with the increasing development of PT. NBSA in Palembang, until december 2021

PT. NBSA is committed to complete every project on time with the best possible quality. And, that commitment contribute to our 98% “ON-TIME” success rate. As part of our commitment, PT. NBSA is officially certified for ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 pada 12 november 2021.

PT. NBSA headquarter is located in Palembang, South Sumatera. And currently, our construction services cover 5 provinces, that is South Sumatera Province, Jambi Province, Bengkulu Province, Bangka Belitung Province, and Lampung Province.

Our team are highly trained and 100% committed to give our best effort. We take great pride to finish our projects with high quality On Time and On Budget.

If you need a reliable professional contractor, with great humility, we believe PT. NBSA will be a perfect match for you.



ISO 9001:2015
ISO 45001:2018

Our Core Values

Core Values Kontraktor Professional

PT. NBSA core value center around just one word – RELIABILITY!
Our customer trust us and rely on us to get the construction project finished with the highest quality on time and on budget.
We don’t take that trust lightly. And, we have every intention to honor that trust.
That’s why we institute RELIABILITY as our core value.

We demand our team to Be Reliable.
We demand our vendor to Be Reliable.

Because we believe that only when our team TRUST each other RELIABILITY, PT. NBSA can actually keep our promise to our customers.

To do so, PT. NBSA institute the value of OPA – OWNERSHIP, PROFESSIONAL, APPROACHABLE.


PT. NBSA Create an Exceptional Customer Experience For Our Customers and Keep Our Promise To Complete the Projects with the Highest Possible Quality On Time and On Budget. To Ensure that, PT. NBSA Implement Method :


For Each Projects, Our Team Will Plan The Execution Team Which Consist of Site Coordinator, Estimator & QC, Project Site Workers, and All The Participating Third Party. For All The Issue That Beyond Our Control, We Also Develop Anticipation and Strategy to Resolve it. Issues such as Weather, Security, Transportation, Material Alternative, and Many More.


Our Team Will Also Control The Construction Progress Through Daily Report and Documentation. We’ll Specifically Control Construction Method, Material Specification, and Bill of Quantity.


To Minimize The Risk of Not Achieving Target. We Institute a Weekly Team Meeting To Review Each Projects Progress and Possible Problems That Require Our Immediate Attention. We Also Implement Daily Follow up Schedule on Our Team, Our Vendor, and YOU as Our Customer. Please Understand That There are Certain Decision, Especially Aesthetics Decisions, That We Can’t Possibly Make. For That Reason, We Need our Customer Full Corporation.



Organizational Structure on PT. Naga Baru Sukses Abadi proves that in each division there is someone who is responsible for the respective tasks assigned. From this it can described the Professionalism of the Management Team in serving every customer from PT. Naga Baru Sukses Abadi.

Struktur Organisiasi PT. NBSA

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